Star Trek Online - PC Patch Notes 25/05/2017

Inserito il 25 maggio 2017 alle 15:04:00 da Nandos. IT - Star Trek Online
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Piccoli bugfix per oggi su STO, ci becchiamo dopo la patch (o)


Mirror Invasion Event:
Portals will continue to spawn until the timer runs out in the first phase.
Enemies clean up at the end of the Advanced version.
Resolved a graphics related crash that frequently occurred in ground battlezones.
Resolved an issue with the Husnock Warship where Prevailing Impulse Engine visuals would appear very large in sector space.


Resolved an issue where the power level bonus from the Pilfered Power personal trait could stack.
Resolved an issue where Tractor Beam Repulsors could cause the player to gain double the haste bonus from the Temporal Cross-Wiring specialization passive.
Resolved an issue that caused the Smuggler's Luck trait to display inconsistent cooldowns.
Added "Energy Distributor Accelerator" Console to reclaim store, accessible only if the player owns one of the Temporal Heavy Dreadnoughts.

Known Issue:

Joining a Red Alert from Sector Space is not grouping players with those that queue through the PvE queue UI.
Itís recommended for now to only queue through the PvE UI for Red Alerts.

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