Star Trek Online - PC Patch Notes 13/04/2017

Inserito il 13 aprile 2017 alle 15:23:00 da Nandos. IT - Star Trek Online
Indirizzo sito : Arcgames
Oggi bugfix minori per STO, ci becchiamo online dopo la patch! [lo]
If the player has purchased the B'Rolth Bird of Prey, the player can now use its parts on the Kor and T6 B'rel Birds of Prey.
Resolved an issue where the Damage History displayed healing and shield damage and left out hull damage.
Added VO to the mission turn in text for “Survivor”.
The Lukari Weapon Proc can no longer heal enemies while the player is confused.
Added Type 4 and Upgrade materials to the Klingon Flagship Battlecruisers.
Resolved a gap between the Gorkon Nacelles and the hulls of Klingon Flagship Battlecruisers.
Resolved an issue where the Romulan Tal'Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser and Destroyer came with the R.R.W. name prefix, which isn't allowed for that class.
Will now default to I.R.W.


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